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We at Pro Spot are very pleased to announce that our Cobot Spot Welding solution has officially been certified and added to the UR+ platform! This marks a significant milestone in our efforts to expand our premier spot welding capabilities to further assist manufacturing applications and create a safer, more efficient solution for companies around the world. This collaboration could not have been possible without the hard work from our engineering team as well as the Universal Robots’ UR+ team! We are grateful for the opportunity to be represented in such a well-respected and heavily utilized collection of groundbreaking solutions. 

Will Halley III wrote about our Cobot Spot Welder after attending ATX West: "My favorite sight at #ATXwest this week? The Pro Spot International, Inc. BRAND NEW Collaborative Spot Welder with UR20 from Universal Robots. So excited to see this in person!!

With the 20kg payload and 1750mm extended reach of the UR20, the folks at Pro Spot can now do bigger C-arms & their new C2X arm for spot welding. With bigger arms and more reach, we can now weld bigger parts in more complex geometries."

Greg Anton on First in the World Cobot Spot Welder

For fastening sheet-metal goods, nothing is faster and cheaper than electrical resistance welding. High-volume applications like automotive bodies have used automation for spot and seam welding for decades, but the cells are generally large, complex and use extensive guarding. For many smaller applications, especially where humans will load and unload fixtures, collaborative robots are a way to decrease cycle times and reduce costs by eliminating guarding. 

Automation World Magazine Features Cobot Spot Welder

The use of collaborative robots (cobots) for welding applications has been one of the most rapidly expanding cobot applications over the past few years, with several companies offering a variety of systems. At Automate 2023, Pro Spot International, a manufacturer of resistance spot welding equipment, introduced what it says is the world’s first cobot spot welder. The system is designed for manufacturers who join sheet metal using spot welding.

Pro Spot International Introduces the World’s First COBOT SPOT WELDER at Automate 2023

Pro Spot continues to drive welding innovation with the launch of their new Automation Division

Carlsbad, CA: Pro Spot International, the company who introduced resistance spot welding to the North American collision repair industry in 1986, has designed and manufactured the world’s first COBOT spot welder. Pro Spot has combined their most sophisticated Spot Welder, the new i5s, with Universal Robots’ COBOT robotics technology. The combined platform is a powerhouse of productivity and throughput, delivering two to three times more manufacturing capacity than without the COBOT. Any manufacturer who joins sheet metal through spot welding can now enjoy the benefits of automating this process.The new system will be on display at the Automate 2023 Trade Show in Detroit, MI, May 22-25, 2023, Booth #204.

“Our i5s resistance spot welder is, by far, the most advanced welder we’ve ever made,“ said Ron Olsson, President and Founder of Pro Spot. “As a result, it makes the entire welding process extremely easy and reliable. Combining that level of technology with a safe, easy to program and use automated solution like the Universal Robots’ platform is truly the future of spot welding,” he concluded. Bob Hamilton, Chief Engineer for Pro Spot Automation added, “I can’t think of a better go-to-market application than our i5s spot welder and the UR COBOT. We’ve married the most sophisticated spot welder in the world with the most sophisticated COBOT technology in the world to deliver a solution for industrial spot welding that increases productivity, safety, consistency and job reliability. It’s the forefront of tomorrow, right here today."

The Pro Spot i5s welding system features next generation auto welding technology that senses material thickness and resistance to adjust weld profiles automatically.  It also captures an immense amount of data about each weld, allowing for quality control, traceability and job repeatability.  It’s the only spot welder on the market with Wi-Fi connectivity, which enables instant updates, data exports and email capability of the weld logs for performance reporting.  

Specific benefits of the Pro Spot/UR COBOT Spot Welding System are:

● Keeps the manufacturing process in control and predictable.

● Increases production output while saving labor and technician time.

● Future proofs your investment with wireless factory updates.

● Improves worker safety and reduces liability risks.

About Pro Spot: Pro Spot International is the world’s leading manufacturer of resistance spot welding equipment for the collision repair industry. Pro Spot has numerous patents and industry firsts and also manufactures riveting, sanding, dent repair, MIG, TIG, Aluminum, Steel and Plastic welding equipment in its factories around the world. Pro Spot Automation is a division of Pro Spot International,Inc and specializes in developing automated COBOT solutions for Spot/MIG welding and sanding/grinding applications for the industrial, aerospace, military, wood and marine industries.